Boo Tea: The 14 Day Tea-tox Diet

So recently I’ve just finished the Boo Tea 14 Day tea-tox diet, I’ve been wanting to give this a try for ages but it’s only recently that I’ve come to liking tea in general. I have a thing about mixing water and milk together which kind of freaks me out but I’ve forced myself into drinking herbal teas which I have now come to loving the taste of, especially green tea after I found out the health benefits.

I purchased the product at £19.99 which I thought was a reasonable price, free UK postage and came within 3 days of ordering. You can also get a 28 Day version but I thought I would just try this one and see how it goes.
The tea comes in two sealable bags to keep the tea bags fresh, one labelled Daytime cleanse and the other Bedtime Cleanse, I was so excited to I receive the product I started straight away.

The tea promotes getting rid of bloating, weight loss and the gernal feeling of wellbeing and health.

I was a little worried at first as on the website the bed time tea you take every other night is supposed to act as a laxative effect clearing out your system while you sleep, I was worried what might lie ahead…


Boo Tea in my little Boo Mug!

The Detox:

Online there is a food diet that you can stick to which helps maximise the chances of weight loss/ ultimate effect of the tea, however I followed it as a guideline as it a strictly veg and fish diet, 2 weeks without meat I don’t think I could do.

The first couple of days:

First few days it was obviously too soon to tell if there was anything actually happening, my friend warned me that I would be shitting like there was no tomorrow, so I was actually petrified about what was going to happen.

Safe to say that did not happen to me! The morning teas were tasty and delicious, a mixed blend of different herbs really kick started the morning. The bed time teas were also nice but a little more muted, the bags didn’t smell too good but tasty tea none the less. On the 3rd night of the bed time cleanse I woke up with quite a bad stomach pain, as if someone had just punched me in the stomach but the pain receded after a few seconds and went away, I fell straight back to sleep after. The 4th & 5th night the same thing also happened but I kind of enjoyed it in a weird way in the sense that I knew the tea was doing something to my body. After these few incidents I had no other trouble with the teas.

After the first 7 days:

The first week I could already feel a difference within myself, I was quite skeptical to begin with but obviously it does take a few days, one sip isn’t going to make you super girl. I defiantly felt less bloating and lighter, I had a lot more energy after drinking the morning tea.

End of the 14 Days:

After the full run of the tea-fox I was extremely happy with the results, I feel a lot healthier due to sticking to the guidelines of the meal plans. The tea tox in gernal made me want to eat healthier as I didn’t want to ruin the effects or make it pointless so I stuck to eating 3 meals and 3 snacks a day and going to the gym for an hour 3-4 times a week to help increase the benefits and I can defiantly see a difference within my body shape, skin, hair and wellbeing. I’m on the way to purchasing the Boo Tea 28 day tea-tox closer to the summer time now that I know that it does work – 10/10


Boo Tea 14 Day Tea-tox:
Day 1, Day 7, Day 14


14 thoughts on “Boo Tea: The 14 Day Tea-tox Diet

  1. Hi Rhiannan, I love your blog and read it all the time. Thanks for this post on teatoxing, I have actually done a few myself! I tried Tiny Teatox, Swami Mami Teas, Bootea, and Skinny Me actually. I love tea and wanted to do a little teatox test of my own. Tiny Teatox was probably the most convenient cause it was bagged, but it didn’t do anything for me and I didn’t prefer the taste, plus it was expensive. Swami Mami Teas had really cute packaging and the tea tasted very nice, but the best part is I lost 12 pounds using their 4 week kit, it was also the best price. Bootea was ok, the taste was meh and I didn’t see great results, lost a few pounds, but I wasn’t impressed. Skinny Me was the worst, the tea was super gross and I actually felt more bloated when I drank it, zero results, and it was the most expensive. Out of the 4 I obviously would choose the Swami Mami teatox again, it was the only one that actually did what it said it would do. Your results with Bootea were WAY better than mine, you look great!

    • Ooh I’ve never heard of the swami mami tea, I’ll have to give that a try! I’ve heard f the skinny me one but thought it was very over priced so didn’t bother trying it, tiny tea I’ve wanted to try too but if the swami mami one works well I think I’ll give that one ago instead of the boo one, thanks for the heads up about them! I’m excited to try this one out 🙂 xx

  2. Oh cool! Yeah I think you’ll like it! They gave me a coupon, maybe it will work for you too, for 15% off SwamiGift15, try it who knows! 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for your review! I’m thinking about trying it out. I tried SkinnyFox at the beginning of the year, but life got in the way and I couldn’t tell what the results were. Maybe I’ll give BooTea a try then! 🙂

    • No worries! I’ve recently done the 28 day detox and will put up a review about it soon! But it worked very well with regular exercise and the tea does motivate you to eat better so it goes hand in hand, good luck with Boo Tea 🙂 xx

  4. Hi i’ve just had my first day of bootea and I literally hate the taste! The teas make me literally want to be sick and i’m so disappointed because I was looking forward to it so much and I was just wondering if you had any hethu ideas to make it bearable or taste a little bit nicer since you have experience with it, thank you!

    • Hiya! I’m so sorry I’ve only just seen this comment didn’t seem to be notified until now! I’m sorry you didn’t like the taste! I actuly hated the night time tea to begin with but I enjoyed the daytime drink, there’s no real solution but what I did with the night time tea was wait till it was cool enough to sip and I would just down it straight away. Otherwise what I would do would drink it with a meal and I would eat then drink and it would counteract the taste with the food. Hope this helps! sorry this is so late xx

    • Hiya! Yep usually it’s better to not go out drinking for those 14days as it messes up the order of drinking the tea, such as drinking the bedtime tea I don’t think it helps if you are out. Xx

  5. Hiya, your blog is brilliant! Really helped me decide to give bootea a go as i just purchased it from the website to help me lose the extra pounds ive been struggling to get rid of! I was just wondering whether you stuck to their eating plan? If not, what did you eat instead? I read that your supposed to eat barely any meat just fish sounds silly but what fish would i eat? xx

    • Hiya, thankyou! I didn’t really stick to the meal plan at all, the only bits I sort of copied were the variations of snacks inbetween meals, I’m such a meat lover that I couldn’t not cut out meat, all I ate during the 14 days was meat and veg really! by the end I was ready to throw salads out of the window! Though I do believe in not cutting out carbs completely so if I had been quite active that day such as the gym and a class I would eat quinoa or brown rice with a meal. Hope this helps! Xx

  6. Hi could you please tell what’s your mea plam throughout the diet plan you’ve done? And also how long did it took you to get those results on the pictures. I am very active (going to the gym etc.) as I would like to try out this tea to start my diet.

    Many thanks!

    • Hiya! My meal plan was mainly just sticking to meat and veg, Occasionaly eating quinoa or brown rice with meals, i ate 5 times a day, always making sure I ate breakfast, a mid morning and afternoon snack which would be something meaty like chicken strips or bowls of cereal and then also eating lunch and dinner, my plate would usually consist 1/2 veg and 1/2 meat, as your quite active this will work in your favour with the meal plan, I saw real results about 9/10th day in so don’t be disheartend if you don’t see immediate results, keep on going 🙂 you do notice about 5days in you starting to bloat less and if you can avoid it alcohol as it’s a real killer! Hope this helps! Xxx

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